Your placements


During your time at Aston it is our aim to give you experience across primary, secondary and tertiary care in acute teaching hospitals, integrated care community hospitals and in a range of medical facilities with a particular focus on primary care and mental health services. In these authentic environments you will observe experts in healthcare at work and practise the competences required of a Foundation doctor including communicating and consulting empathically, making clinical decisions, prescribing and undertaking practical procedures. In addition you will learn to work within a multiprofessional team with patients as partners. 

You will have two one-week placements in a primary care setting. The first takes place early in Term 1 to give you insight to UK clinical practice and the experience of patients. In Term 3 you have an opportunity to practise some of your early clinical skills.
You will spend a total of nine days in primary care throughout Year 2. This experience focuses on developing your consultation skills to carefully explore medical problems while taking into consideration the needs and wishes of the patient.
Three 12-week blocks are undertaken, with one in primary care and two across a range of medical and surgical specialties in hospitals giving you an excellent experience of the general principles of clinical practice, and building on your theoretical learning in Phase 1.
You will spend five weeks in seven specialty placements such as obstetrics and gynecology, child care and psychiatry to gain comprehensive experience in these specialist areas.
Before your Finals you will complete three blocks of six weeks: one in primary care and two in hospital settings. After your Finals you will complete a 6-week Elective which may be undertaken anywhere suitable worldwide, and a 6-week Foundation Assistantship where you will undertake Foundation level work under very careful supervision. The focus on Year 5 is on developing your diagnostic and management skills in preparation for your Foundation training posts.


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