Dr Jaimy Saif

Jaimy Saif
  • Position:  Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • Telephone: 0121 204 5052
  • Email: j.saif@aston.ac.uk
  • Room Number: MB310


I was born in Kerala (India) and studied there till my undergrad. I came to UK in 2007 to do MSc and carried on to do a PhD. My background is in immunotherapy (from PhD studies) and therapeutic angiogenesis. My research interest in vascular biology and angiogenesis was developed under the mentorships of Prof. Aicher and Prof. Heeschen. I have worked on reparative angiogenesis in different labs in Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Spain, University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University in UK.

I spent 4 years as a post-doctoral scientist in the lab of Prof. Emanueli, who is a pioneer in the field of reparative angiogenesis. During this time I was investigating the therapeutic potential of human embryonic stem cell derived endothelial cells in mouse models of hindlimb ischemia and diabetes mellitus (published in Molecular Therapy). I also worked on characterisation and functional assessment of mechanisms guiding mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation into endothelial cells, with focus on the neurotrophin system (in press, ATVB). Another project that I worked on during this period was investigating the role of human pericardial fluid exosomes in vascular complications of diabetes (manuscript in preparation).

I am a PhD scientist but most of my past mentors were clinical academics which helped me to be part of translational research to influence the clinical practice. I have now joined (July 2018) the Vascular Team at Aston Medical Research Institute led by Prof. Asif Ahmed who has an international reputation in angiogenesis and vascular protection.  Indeed, my new line of research bridges my past studies in vascular regenerative medicine looking at the etiology and developing new therapies for pre-eclampsia, which is one of the deadliest maternal hypertensive disorder. 

  • PhD in cancer immunotherapy, 2010-13: Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • MSc in Stem cell Technology, 2007-08: University of Nottingham, UK
  • BSc in Biotechnology, 2004-07: Bangalore University, India 
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, July 2018-present: Aston Medical Research Institute
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2014-18: University of Bristol
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2010-13
  • Research Assistant, 2008-10: Nottingham Trent University

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