Eating out

The famous Birmingham balti!
The famous Birmingham balti!

Birmingham’s cosmopolitan atmosphere really shows itself in the sheer variety of eating places in the city. Choose from French, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Caribbean, Latin American, Arabic, Indian and Thai restaurants, Mongolian wok bars, European bistros and much more. Alongside these you’ll find the burger, pizza, vegetarian and gourmet restaurants that characterise any large European city.

The Chinese Quarter boasts dozens of restaurants offering diverse Asian cuisine, and is also home to some specialist supermarkets. If you like Indian food, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The Balti was invented in the city, and the restaurants in Birmingham’s Balti Triangle are renowned for reasonably priced, good quality food. Check out Visit Birmingham's Guide to the Balti Triangle (PDF).

Save the pennies, or splash out

Student discounts are available in many pubs, cafés and restaurants throughout the city, so if you don’t want to cook there are plenty of cheap and tempting alternatives.

If you feel like splashing out, Birmingham boasts more Michelin starred restaurants than any other location outside London!  

Where to eat

Food shopping

There's a small supermarket on campus, and several within walking distance of campus. If you want to stock up for a few weeks there are also bigger supermarkets close by.

Birmingham's famous Bullring Market is open Tuesdays - Saturdays, It's a fantastic place to buy cheap, fresh fruit and veg, and enjoy a great atmosphere!

Each month there are two farmers' markets in the city centre. You'll find everything there from Ostrich burgers and organic cider to hand-made cheeses and freshly made bread!