Our world is facing some pretty big challenges. These range from sustainable development and climate change, Global ethics and health issues; but just as important is ‘your world challenges’ including the day to day running of your business, the upskilling of your team, recruitment and new product development.

Our Vision

We have a bold vision for our business collaborations and believe that the drive our academics have for creating and sharing knowledge will help to tackle these real-world challenges. So whether you’re just starting to think about your business idea, an ambitious SME quickly scaling up, or an international corporation we’re confident we have the passion and the know-how to help you on your journey.

Our practical focus is exemplified by the results and achievements that we continue to deliver:

Degree Apprenticeships

We were the first university in the UK to offer Degree Apprenticeships, and the first to celebrate Degree Apprenticeship graduates.

Email: apprenticeships@aston.ac.uk

Executive and Management Development

We have extensive experience in developing management talent, furthering the development of over 1,000 Managers in the past five years.

Email: rke@aston.ac.uk

Employ a Placement Graduate or Student

Over 2,000 undergraduate students, every year placed into industry to gain experience and provide value for their employers.

Email: employerteam@aston.ac.uk
Call: 0121 204 5299

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

One of the UK’s leading universities for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, providing measurable economic benefits and real business growth.

Email: ktp@aston.ac.uk

Support SME and Business Owners

Aston Centre for Growth offers leading growth programmes and other opportunities for SME’s looking to grow their business. We’ve held the Small Business Charter since 2014, reflecting its expertise in SME engagement.

Email: centreforgrowth@aston.ac.uk
Call: 0121 204 3225