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Celebrating Aston's business partnership success

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Aston University has an excellent reputation for innovative, ground breaking research across a range of disciplines. Aston academics have a strong and long standing track record of working with businesses on strategic projects to solve some of the toughest challenges. Working with Aston University can allow you to develop new technologies and processes can transform your business. 

Business success stories tell the story of companies that Aston has worked with and how working with us has helped them access commercial funding, world-renowned expertise and ultimately allowed them to achieve significant growth. 

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West Midlands based law firm Higgs & Sons worked with academics from Aston Business School through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, to implement an innovative cultural change programme within the firm to better understand client needs. The Technology Strategy Board rated this project as outstanding.

Protein engineering company Isogenica worked with academics from Aston's School of Life and Health Sciences to develop a gene library assembly technology exclusively licensed to them. Dr Anna Hine won the BBSRC Commercial Innovator of the Year Award in recognition of her work on this project.

Assistive Control, an assistive technology solutions company that help people with disabilities, worked with Aston's Centre for Servitization Research and Practice to understand how implementing advanced services could get their products more widely known and differ their offering from large competitors. 

Engineering solutions, technology systems and support services company Dytecna worked with Aston's European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) to explore how the renewables market and bioenergy technology could expand their business.

Aston University’s Professor Anthony Hilton features in this video, where he discusses his work with John Desmond Limited (JDL). More information on JDL.