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ABT Products KTP - Engineering

ABT Products Ltd has completed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Aston University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science to transform the company from a manufacturer of sub contract assemblies to an original equipment manufacturer.

ABT has over forty years' worth of manufacturing experience in a range of complex fabrications/assemblies. The KTP with Aston University has enabled the company to expand their portfolio by not only producing fabrications and components for other companies, but also leading them towards designing and manufacturing their own products; specifically the specialist equipment of truck-mounted forklift trucks. 

The partnership resulted in the development and implementation of a robust product design process including the testing and modelling procedures to validate designs, and helping to develop and launch procedures that fit into market timescales. ABT Products Ltd are now less vulnerable to other company’s fluctuations in product demand and as a result can achieve larger growth within the global market.

A new design process has also been adopted to implement a prototype into production. This process has been developed in conjunction with a new truck mounted forklift named ‘Loadmac 220’.

Tim Morris, Engineering Director of ABT said of the project: ‘To successfully grow and enter new markets, we had to create a suitable product design process and build up our knowledge base in the creation of complex total products. The partnership with Aston University has reached these targets and will ensure ABT Products Ltd’s long-term future.’

KTP associate John Gregory also benefitted from the project. He was given a range of training opportunities, such as developing his hydraulic fluid simulation software knowledge and project management skills. John also gained real world experience and a detailed understanding of forklift truck engineering and construction.

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The partnership with Aston University will ensure ABT Products Ltd's long term future

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