Aston helps local company develop innovative web-based information services

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Aggora Ltd, a specialist innovator in the provision and delivery of Catering Equipment Solutions, have built a reputation of providing good advice to clients regarding options for the design, procurement and maintenance of commercial kitchen facilities.  They are entering into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Aston University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, which will support the company in bringing about a paradigm shift in their current business model, adding enhanced IT expertise to its traditional core strength in equipment and fittings. 

Aggora has developed significantly in recent years and plan to continue this growth by offering innovative web-based information services, extending their range of offers beyond the traditional design and fabrication, equipment sales and service and maintenance approach. With the support of the partnership, Aggora will improve their competitiveness within the market and will be able to achieve their ambitious growth plans.

Mr Simon Pointon, Group Managing Director of Aggora said “We’re really looking forward to tapping into the computer science expertise available at Aston, which will help us respond to customer requirements by implementing a whole new range of services.” 

We’re really looking forward to tapping into the computer science expertise available at Aston.

Dr Tony Beaumount, Senior Lecturer in Aston’s Computer Science groupcommented: “Working with Aggora will feed back into Aston’s research into data analytics and data mining, generating case studies and expertise for several undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.”

To find out more about how your organisation can benefit from a KTP, please contact KTP Manager Martin May at or on 0121 204 4253.