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Leading agile IT consultancy Black Pepper Software has entered into an exciting Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Aston University, specifically to enhance Black Pepper’s rapidly growing, location-based smartphone application platform called ‘Companion’. 

Companion has been designed as a helpful service for people with smartphones to use at exhibitions, conferences, theme parks, shopping centres and city centres.

The Companion location apps encompass every detail required to help visitors make the most of their visit to a specific venue or place. The navigational functionality helps visitors locate points of interest or amenities and receive up to date information and offers relevant to where they are. The information can then be exchanged with friends via embedded social tools such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Working in partnership with Aston University will enable our companion platform to advance rapidly into this relatively new market place with world leading location-based analytics."

Head of Computer Science at Aston University, Professor Ian Nabney, said: ‘We are thrilled to work with emerging industry leaders Black Pepper Software on the innovative Companion project. The team in the School of Engineering & Applied Science have the specialist knowledge and resource to work with large quantities of spatial and temporal data, which will be used to enhance this leading location-based smartphone application and increase its ability to gain understanding of visitor behaviour.’

Midland’s based Black Pepper Software delivers world class bespoke technical solutions to the highest calibre of clients. On project ‘Companion’, the Black Pepper team has already displayed its technological excellence at major consumer events. Partnering with analytic specialists at the University will elevate Companion to its next stage of growth. 

John Cooke, Managing Director of Black Pepper Software said:  “Working in partnership with Aston University will enable our Companion platform to advance rapidly into this relatively new market place with world leading location-based analytics. The platform has been successful since launch and we expect the opportunity to grow rapidly. Black Pepper is always looking for exceptional graduates to join the team and this project will enhance the relationship with the University as well as assisting final year projects.’

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships supports UK businesses wanting to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance by accessing the knowledge and expertise available within UK Universities and Colleges.

To find out more about Black Pepper and Companion contact: Selwyn Rowley at LMMC on 01926 611700.

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