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ExtraCare KTP
The ExtraCare Charitable Trust

Aston University has partnered with The ExtraCare Charitable Trust (ExtraCare) for their first Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) which will develop and implement a Resilience Tool supporting ageing individuals, optimising their health and quality of life, with the aim of reducing frailty.

The charity’s strategy is to strengthen its position as lead provider of retirement communities and substantially grow the number of sustainable developments. The charity operates retirement villages and smaller housing developments, providing (in 2017) 3,848 homes for over 4,400 older people around its midlands base and further south. . The holistic homes, lifestyle & care model is unique, providing older people an independent, safe & secure future in communities in housing schemes or purpose built villages. 

A key factor differentiating ExtraCare’s retirement communities is their Well-Being Programme which provides expert, individual support to residents, enabling utilisation of their skills, talents and experiences to benefit their community & their own physical & mental health.

The KTP will implement, pilot & monitor the application of a Resilience Tool to evaluate effectiveness, where it will be delivered through a software platform by ExtraCare staff to assess individual residents. It will develop critical measures and suggest appropriate, additional tailored interventions. Based on previous research projects the Resilience Tool will collect & store data, which will be processed using statistical modelling to produce an individual's resilience profile. The application of Aston’s research into the psychology of ageing and cognition, older adults' health behaviour and the links between physical and cognitive frailty, will deliver direct quality of life benefits to residents.

The introduction of the Resilience Tool & resulting targeting of intervention across ExtraCare’s communities is expected to result in significant cost savings to the NHS, based on previous research work carried out between Aston & ExtraCare.

Significant cost savings in social care provision are expected from the implementation of the Resilience Tool. The original research work highlighted the cost of social care for local authority commissioners could be reduced by 17.8% for lower level care & 26% for higher level care by living in ExtraCare without the added benefit of this new tool.  It also demonstrated a 38% cost reduction to the NHS & reduced hospital stays from 8-14 days to 1-2 days compared to individuals living in the wider community. Improving resilience and reducing frailty is expected to have a bigger impact.

There are over 10 million people over the age of 65 in the UK, with marketing intelligence showing 1 in 4 considering a retirement community. ExtraCare will have developed 5 new villages and a village extension with around 4,200 homes by 2020. Alongside the health and cost benefits each new village will create around 200 construction jobs,  30 staff roles (linked to care, administration, social and health related activities) and  100 volunteer opportunities. 

The Resilience Tool will be a unique selling tool for ExtraCare differentiating them from the competition, increasing the desirability of their developments and enabling them to fill new communities quickly.

The KTP project is in a key area of Aston's Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA) research agenda. It will facilitate further research that helps understand, predict and prevent age-related degeneration and feeds directly into future multidisciplinary research. 

Aston’s KTP lead academic, Professor Carol Holland, said: “Our wider research focuses on addressing the belief that frailty and decline is inevitable in ageing and that nothing can be done. Research indicates that frailty is more than just a physical syndrome and that physical, psychological and social components of it can be addressed and resilience improved by person centred interventions. This project will put this research into practice and is anticipated to have a significant impact on the service ExtraCare provides and the well-being of the people who benefit from the developments”.

Shirley Hall, Wellbeing and Community Manager at ExtraCare said:We are delighted to see this project in action. The new Resilience Tool was identified by the Aston research as a key area that would change the way our current Well-being Programme works to enable personal goal setting. The tool will enable far more specific behaviour change and enrich the lives of our residents even further”

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For more information about ExtraCare, please visit www.extracare.org.uk or contact:

Shirley Hall
Wellbeing and Community Manager

Tel: 02476 509040
Mob: 07989 375397

The new Resilience Tool was identified by the Aston research as a key area that would change the way our current Well-being Programme works to enable personal goal setting.

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