IGI Limited


Aston University’s Computer Science group have recently been awarded a stimulating three year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Integrated Geochemical Interpretation (IGI) Limited.

The project will further advance IGI’s standing in the oil and gas exploration sector with a technology that could also have applications in other industries, such as environmental geochemistry and bioenergy. 

IGI Ltd have grown to be the world’s largest independently owned geochemical consultancy, and work with the major, and many smaller, oil and gas exploration companies. They also develop and market software for data management and analysis, for the oil and gas exploration sector, in addition to providing a geochemical interpretation service.

Gas and oil companies currently generate large amounts of geochemical and physical data from the samples they obtain in their exploration and drilling operations. As exploration becomes more challenging and costly the importance of managing this core data, which gives an understanding of the petroleum system, becomes more important. Oil companies recognise that converting their geochemical data into an asset will increase exploration success rates. IGI are developing a tool, known as Metis, which will manage the new and historic data held by the sector, however inputting this data from the diverse file and data types is largely manual, costly, time-consuming and error-prone. 

This KTP project will develop an automated data collection system, which will be able to analyse and extract this data from the large variety of file and data types. When combined with Metis and IGI’s interpretation package, p:IGI+, it will allow oil and gas exploration companies to carry out rapid interpretation of their geochemical data thus allowing them to be more efficient in their exploration operations. The combined system that IGI will offer will be truly innovative, with their competitors lacking the technical expertise to develop a similar model.

We are thrilled to be working with Aston again! Their considerable expertise in these advanced areas of computer science will transform our system"

This project is particularly challenging as the system developed will need to be able to extract data held in a variety of document types, that is inconsistently named and not in a predictable structured form. IGI has decided to work with Aston’s Computer Science group so that they can transfer Aston’s advanced knowledge in functional programming, text and document processing, knowledge representation (semantics), managing complexity and adaptive learning. This KTP will embed this knowledge and expertise in IGI enabling them to maintain and enhance their services in line with the evolving market and sub sector requirements. 

Yulan He, lead academic from Aston University, says: “I am looking forward to testing our academic theories in a real life environment on this particularly challenging project which will result in a truly innovative piece of software”

Dan Cornford, Director at IGI, states: “We are thrilled to be working with Aston again! Their considerable expertise in these advanced areas of computer science will transform our system into a innovative and useful product for a wide variety of industries”  

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