Midland Eye

Midland Eye

Eye-Docs Ltd, trading as Midland Eye, is a privately owned secondary-care ophthalmology practice offering a one-stop, specialist service for the diagnosis and treatment of all eye conditions.

The company has entered into a three year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Dr Shehzad Naroo, with support from Professor James Wolffsohn from the Ophthalmic Research Group at Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences, to develop treatment models and regimens to enhance patient care.

The aim of the KTP is to develop treatment models based on patient pathways, treatment regimens and outcomes for presbyopia and laser cataract surgery within a private ophthalmic surgical centre to enable the continual improvement of surgical techniques.

The ability for Midland Eye to offer a premium service option for cataract patients and an entirely new service for reversal of presbyopia will enhance the reputation of the group. It will also give patients across the network of private hospitals, in the Aspen Healthcare group, the opportunity to access these new services.

With a view to growing the business and to improve the range of services offered to patients, Midland Eye is currently taking on new surgeons to maximise the use of its facilities. It has also invested in top of the range equipment, including a state of the art LENSAR femtosecond laser to enhance patient care and experience.

Surgeons at Midland Eye plan to use the LENSAR laser in Cataract Surgery for which LENSAR is licensed by the FDA. The LENSAR laser will also be used in the surgical treatment of Presbyopia (the age-related condition which results in most middle aged people needing reading glasses).  This approach will be an entirely novel surgical procedural for this condition and has the potential for reversing the need for reading glasses.

The Ophthalmis Research Group at Aston University has a long history in comparable technology fields and will draw on this expertise in this KTP."

Professor Sunil Shah, Consultant Eye Surgeon at Midland Eye said of the project: “By developing the clinical methodology and optimising both the above treatments, Midland Eye will be the first to offer such treatments in the UK. This provides the potential for higher revenue and margins through provision of the surgery, first in the West Midlands area and later, elsewhere in the UK.”

For the team at Aston, this collaboration will offer the chance to develop new and efficient methodology to complement this state of the art equipment. Dr Shehzad Naroo, School of Life and Health Sciences commented: “The opportunity to work with this novel femtosecond laser presents a unique challenge in developing safe, effective and commercially viable patient pathways and treatment regimens and opens up new research opportunities. Lens softening with a laser to restore eye focus would be a world first and requires new innovative techniques and equipment. The Ophthalmic Research Group at Aston University has a long history in comparable technology fields and will draw on this expertise in this KTP.”

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