Richard Pike of Phoebus (R), receiving the company's award from The Times

Phoebus Software Limited is entering into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Aston University.

Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) is an independent software house, founded in 1989. PSL have recently been categorised in the Top 100 Small Companies to work for 2015, by The Sunday Times. 

PSL was established by the current leadership team with a vision to provide clients with robust solutions in the field of real time loan and savings management and software. It has become an acknowledged market leader in this field and has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

PSL has developed and invested in a proprietary domain-specific 4GL language (P4), but the lead time in training new employees in this proprietary language has the potential to restrict sales growth. Furthermore, PSL is under increasing pressure to deliver changes and enhancements faster and with an easier facility for third party integration. As the P4 language is not widely used throughout the industry, the company aims to transform the existing product range into software that is more usable, flexible and extensible. 

The key aim of this KTP project is to create a novel transformation engine for PSL, which will convert P4 automatically into a well-structured, human readable Java, and will embed the technical ability to maintain and further enhance this platform within the company.

PSL has joined forces with Aston University’s Computer Science Research Group (CSRG) on this project to radically transform software development within the company to modern software engineering standards and techniques. The CSRG at Aston University was formed to establish expertise and resources for research, development, and implementation of knowledge-based software systems. The members of the CSRG have a variety of interests and knowledge in languages and high-level tools, which enables the Group to make a significant contribution. Specifically, Aston University will be bringing its expertise in areas of Programme analysis, software re-engineering (including service oriented software re-engineering) and distributed systems and Service Oriented Architectures.

Aston University's continuous support has been invaluable to our company, and we are very grateful for the time and effort being spent on this project'.

The project will allow future business solutions to retain all the domain knowledge embedded in the P4 systems, in which the company has invested, and will also allow faster development of future platforms which will enable PSL to continue its upward growth trajectory.

Paul Hunt, Managing Director at Phoebus Software Limited said: "Aston University’s continuous support has been invaluable to our company, and we are very grateful for the time and effort being spent on this project’.

Dr Michal Konecny, Lecturer in Computer Science and Lead Academic said: "We are really excited to be working with Phoebus on this new project; it will further develop our research within this area".

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