Spectrum Théa

Spectrum Thea

Academics from Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences have teamed up with successful ophthalmic company Spectrum Théa pharmaceuticals through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

The experts from Aston will be working with Spectrum Théa to set up an internal department of clinical expertise for the company. This department will ensure that the required knowledge and clinical evidence is available to the sales team and other parts of the company.

Spectrum Théa offer high quality ophthalmic products to ophthalmologists, nursing staff, pharmacists and optometrists, specialising in dry eye, blepharitis, eye nutritionals and prescription products, all of which are dedicated to improving eye health. The company has a highly trained and professional sales team who promote the products to health professionals.

A long term aim for the company is to set very high levels of clinical excellence to support their pharmaceutical brands . This project will help to achieve these aims by developing a medical information monitoring and assessment capability within the company which will keep staff at the forefront of developments in optometry and ophthalmology. This knowledge of the latest advances will help the company to ensure that all products offered are technically relevant.

A further benefit of the project for Spectrum Théa will be increased engagement with their customers, by providing clinical information on conditions such as eye nutritionals, blepharitis and dry eye, where they have clinical products. This will be in the form of specific clinical information about particular conditions which will allow the condition to be accurately diagnosed.  Accurate and timely diagnosis will improve treatment for patients and should also lead to increased sales for the company.

We are delighted to be working with Aston University and  to have a KTP involved in the business."

Philip Lewis Williams, Managing Director at Spectrum- Théa Pharmaceuticals Ltd, said of the project, ‘We are delighted to be working with Aston University and to have a KTP involved in the business. In the past 3 years we have established ourselves as a leading provider of quality ophthalmic medicines in the UK and lead the way in providing preservative free pharmaceuticals for the ophthalmic profession. We envisage that the KTP will help in many facets of training, materials, research and presentations during this very exciting growth stage.’

For the team at Aston the KTP presents an opportunity to bring the subject of ophthalmic nutrition and the growing medical conditions it can alleviate to a wider audience. The academics involved have extensive knowledge in this area and this project will allow this to be shared with both patients and practitioners. The project will also complement ongoing clinical studies that are taking place at Aston University, through the up-to-date analysis of data and review of literature.

Dr Hannah Bartlett, lead Academic on the project said, ‘This partnership provides a unique opportunity to translate our research into the role of nutritional supplementation for ocular disease into practical support for Spectrum Thea, eye care professionals, and patients.’

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