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TTC 2000

TTC 2000, the UK’s leading driver awareness training organisation, has recently completed a successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Aston University.

TTC 2000 works with Police and Local Authorities throughout the country to deliver driver behaviour awareness courses as an alternative to driving licence points for drivers who are found speeding or drink-driving. The company originally entered into the partnership with leading academics at Aston Business School to develop a rigorous process for assessing the personal benefits for those attending the speed awareness courses in order to refine the delivery of its courses to offer maximum benefits to individuals and therefore reduce the likelihood of the participant’s intention to re-offend.  The impact of improved driving practice is long lasting, bringing with it reductions in accident rates and subsequent reduction in costs to the emergency services and to the community.

The project which ran over 18 months involved a comprehensive review of the pre and post course motivations as well as, knowledge and attitudes of attendees of driver speed awareness courses. Research was also conducted with attendees of speed awareness courses to develop and support the introduction of new measurement and reporting processes.

The project identified a significant benefit of delegates attending the courses, resulting in their intention not to re-offend at a statistically significant level.

The KTP has certainly made a significant strategic contribution to the company's progress."

The project achieved all of its strategic objectives. It has enabled TTC 2000 to understand more about the impact of its courses and has increased participant take-up. In addition, the project helped to facilitate TTC 2000 to grow its market share and sustain its market leadership in the driver awareness training sector. The KTP Associate involved in the project improved an internal mechanism for delegate feedback by moving to an online system. The company has been left with an effective model of evaluation which can be applied to measure the impact on other courses.

Des Morrison, Operation Director of TTC Group said of the project: “The KTP has certainly made a significant strategic contribution to the company’s progress. It has enabled the organisation to remain proactive in the field of ensuring interventions are evidenced based. The rigour and quality of the research at Aston University has given us a competitive edge.”

The academic team, led by Professor Robin Martin from Aston Business School echoed similar sentiments:“There have been many developmental benefits through the KTP, such as the knowledge of new literatures, methodological and statistical approaches to understand behavioural intention. The project has led to an extremely good, unique set of data which will enable TTC 2000 to deliver maximum value to course participants and lead to safer driving behavior.”

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