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Dr Shehzad Naroo and Professor James Wolffsohn with KTP Associate Raquel Gil-Cazorla.

Why work on a KTP project?

Working on a KTP gives academics the opportunity to develop business relevant  teaching and research; apply  knowledge and expertise  to important organisational  problems; and identify  new research themes and  undergraduate/postgraduate  projects. Work from a KTP project can be used as evidence in the increasing demand for economic impact of research investment.

Research and teaching

KTP provides the chance to apply research into industry, often informing the direction of ongoing and future research with high level strategic interaction with the business community. The papers and publications developed through KTP, and the research income, can contribute to the REF rating of a department.

KTP can also assist with teaching. Due to the close working  partnership between the academic, the  Associate and the organisation, KTPs  provide excellent potential for collaborative work outside the core  project, providing opportunities for  student projects, work based activities  and the use of current business  issues into teaching  materials.

Time and financial commitment

KTP is delivered on a full economic cost basis, which means that the 10%  of the academic’s time involved in KTP  is 100% funded.  Typically, academics can expect  to commit half a day of their week  to a KTP project, mainly at the  premises of the business partner.

Outreach and business engagement

KTP provides an opportunity for academics to engage with the  business community. Around 75%  of KTP Associates are offered full  time employment with the host  organisation on completion of their  KTP, which means that academics  fulfill a vital role in supporting employment for graduates. 

Businesses and organisations from all 
sectors are eligible  to participate in KTP,as are public  funded organisations, charities and  businesses from the not for profit  sector. A total of 60% of businesses  participating in KTP are small to  medium sized enterprises (10 – 250  employees), with high growth  potential; 9% are smaller and around  25% are larger businesses and public  sector organisations.  All businesses must be financially  viable and committed to strategic  change as a KTP is expected to deliver  a step change in the organisation’s  capability and performance.

Support and management

In the early stages of developing a  KTP application, a dedicated, highly  experienced KTP Adviser will be  allocated to work in partnership with  you to  facilitate the development of new  partnerships and guide the partners  through the approval process. Once  a KTP is approved, the Advisers  also monitor and support progress  throughout the life of the partnership.

Working with Aston University also means gaining the support of the Research and Enterprise Office who can offer guidance and advice throughout the KTP project.

For more information about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or an informal chat, please email  ktp@aston.ac.uk  or call Martin May, KTP Manager on 0121 204 4253.

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To find out more about working on a KTP project with Aston University, email ktp@aston.ac.uk or call Martin May, KTP Manager on 0121 204 4253