Aston KTP Associate helps short-sighted people say goodbye to their glasses

Neelam KTP optometry
Neelam Patel at the Knowledge Transfer Showcase 2014

Work done by Aston Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate Neelam Patel has meant that a thirteen year old, Emelia Rogers, has become one of the first people in the county to see a huge improvement in her eyesight thanks to overnight vision correction (OVC) - the very latest development in treating short-sightedness.

Neelam is currently undertaking a three-year KTP with BBR Optometry, one of the only practices in the country to offer this exclusive service. Overnight Vision Correction  contact lenses are prescribed to treat short sightedness whilst the patient sleeps, resulting in 20/20 vision when they wake up.

OVC contact lenses work by gently reshaping the cornea by less than a hair’s width, altering the angle at which the light enters the eye so that it focuses correctly on the retina rather than in front of it. Since the cornea is elastic it will retain the corrected shape for at least 36 hours. This process is particularly effective for individuals with deteriorating short-sightedness due to the consistent ‘correction’ of the cornea. The lenses are tailor made for each patient by using computerised eye mapping software to ensure the lenses are an exact fit.

Emelia has worn glasses since the age of three due to being short sighted, however over the past 12 months Emelia’s prescription had worsened quite dramatically, providing concern for her family and interfering with her sports activities.With the revolutionary lenses fitted by Neelam, Emilia is able to enjoy sport without worrying about her glasses and her prescription has slowed down.

With the revolutionary lenses fitted by Neelam, Emilia is able to enjoy sport without worrying about her glasses and her prescription has slowed down.

Through her KTP project, Neelam, along with the help of academic supervisors Dr Shehzad Naroo and Dr Frank Eperjesi, was able to create a model that would enable BBR Optometry to offer this service to patients. The model then underwent a successful 6 month trial before being offered at the clinic.

Neelam said of her project, “The team and I are really proud of the results of this service, and it is brilliant to see Emelia’s improvements to not only her eyesight, but her daily life. We are now looking forward to treating more patients and developing the service further.”

KTPs help businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance by accessing the knowledge and expertise available within UK Universities and Colleges. In order for a KTP to be successful, a relationship is formed between a company and an academic institution. The KTP Associate helps to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Aston is one of the most active universities for KTPs in the West Midlandsand has a history of recruiting the highest quality Associates to work on collaborative projects.

To learn more, or to make an enquiry about KTPs at Aston, please contact Martin May, KTP Manager, or 0121 204 4253.