CPBigwood teams up with Aston in Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Brett Williams, CPBigwood
Brett Williams, Managing Partner at CPBigwood

Property agents CPBigwood have linked up with Aston University in a move to streamline the flow of information.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership agreement is aimed at extracting detail from the company’s existing emails, letters and other communications to support business growth through more efficient services, automated decision-making and improved administration.

It is targeted on the firm’s residential property management arm – CPBigwood handles 25,000 units across the country.

Managing partner Brett Williams said: “As a result CPBigwood will have access to more timely and crucially more accurate data, which will measurably improve service levels to all stake holders.

“Hopefully we will be able to handle more work without increasing personnel numbers, able to address the labour intensive element much more quickly and thus benefiting clients and customers while reducing some of the lower level administrative functions to help our staff concentrate on more challenging tasks.

“We chose Aston University to work with as they are local and have an excellent reputation in business.”

Knowledge transfer partnerships are designed to harness the expertise in the UK’s knowledge base to assist businesses by employing high quality graduates to work on innovative projects – Aston University and CPBigwood are in the process of recruiting.

The individual concerned will have associate status, be employed by the university, but based at CPBigwood’s Summer Row headquarters in Birmingham.

The Computational Intelligence for Efficient Residential Property Management project will be supervised by key company managers and a team of three academics from the Computer Science Group in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Lead academic, Dr Sylvia Wong, lecturer in computer science, said: “The knowledge transfer partnership with CPBigwood is an opportunity to apply our research in computational intelligence in a business environment and will feed back into both our teaching and further research.”

The project, set to launch later this year, will run for 27 months.

Knowledge transfer partnerships allow businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills. The scheme is in its fortieth year of operation.

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