Scout7 Kick-Off New Season with App

Scout7's innovative app
Scout7's innovative app

A leading Birmingham-based company that has worked with Aston University in the past on a KnowledgeTransferPartnership project has recently launched an innovative new app.

Ahead of the new 2015/16 football season, Scout7 have launched a new video scouting and analysis app within its industry-leading Intelligent Sports Framework (ISF) application, which is being used at 150 professional clubs worldwide.

During the last six months the Birmingham-based football technology company, whose clients include Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, Paris SG, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund, has invested heavily in its video content infrastructure. With data centres covering the globe, Scout7 capture over 3,000 professional matches broadcast each month, totalling over 3 million minutes of new footage a year.

As part of its investment they have worked in close collaboration with Intel to completely upgrade their video processing environment, which has included the adoption of Intel’s Quick Sync Video hardware, allowing matches to be transcoded in just 15 minutes, four times faster than was previously possible. It also enables Scout7 to deliver video for streaming and download with 1 parse of the original file, meaning crisp HD content is not compromised through transcoding.

Scout7 also work with the sports data company OptaPro, who provide time-coded match event feeds for every game played in over 60 leagues and competitions during the season, which are integrated into the match video. The improvements mean that Scout7 can now deliver HD content, with the integrated events, to each client within 2 hours of the final whistle.

The introduction of the new ISF video analysis app,, has been developed to ensure that club staff can utilise Scout7’s enhanced video content to optimise their existing scouting processes from either their desktop or tablet device. 

Key features of the app include an event filter, which allows users to watch key events such as shots, passes and tackles involving a specific player or team in sequence from multiple games, including events for and against. These event clips can be saved as playlists and archived online, or shared via email.

It also incorporates editing tools that enable users to conduct their own editing of games online, without the need of offline editing software. The app also incorporates match and event playback buttons, which allow users to speed up or slow down the footage as they watch it, in addition to being able to jump to a specific time in the game. As well as the analysis mode, the app also allows games to be watched in a pop-out player, so that games can be watched on various devices in full-screen.

Both the enhancements made to video delivery processes and the development of have been overseen by Scout7 Operations Director Bradford Griffiths. He explains why this work has been crucial to ensure Scout7 remains the industry leader for analysis solutions in the major European leagues.

“During the last ten years scouting and analysis departments have expanded considerably at the elite end of the professional game,” says Griffiths.

“These departments operate 24/7 and are under constant pressure to deliver detailed analysis to their club’s senior management. It is our job to support these departments by providing an environment that allows them to manage, review and collaborate on content as a team. 

“The features we have introduced in mean that scouts and analysts can now start their evaluation of matches played on a Saturday afternoon early on in the same evening. So no matter whether they need video to prepare for their team’s next game, or require footage of players being monitored for potential recruitment, they can prepare detailed analysis for senior management faster than ever before.

“What’s more, if content is time-critical, they can share it with colleagues via email who can stream it on-the-go.

“As a company, we are committed to providing our clients the best professional services available and with we are confident that clubs will be able to further optimise their various scouting and analysis processes into the new season and beyond.”