Engineering Leadership: New course at Aston University

Engineering Leadership

Aston University has approved the launch of an exciting Masters degree in Engineering Leadership & Management, specifically targeting engineers as they transition into management and leadership roles. 

Key features of the programme are that it targets the “how” of leadership in addition to management theory. Aston is working with the Institute of Leadership & Management on this aspect. Other topics will include Human Resources Management, Strategy & Finance, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Engineering, Corporate Social Responsibility and Commercial Engagement.

Programme Director Jack Carnell said: “It is often said that engineers are just those people who make things or manage projects, or that engineers think in an introspective way and struggle to communicate effectively or speak the language of the Boardroom. However, to accept this view may result in a dilution of diversity, attributes and knowledge base when decisions are made.”

With this in mind, this course has been created to help engineers who are wondering what comes next in their career, and how to take the next steps into leadership and management.

Jack Carnell continues: “Many of the traits of both management and leadership can be effectively learned. This course is a great opportunity for those engineers who wish to pursue management roles.”

The 3 year course, starting in October 2015, requires only 8 days off work each year, together with 8 weekends, has no formal exams and is competitively priced at £14,995. The teaching style is based on cased studies and should readily appeal to the way engineers process information.

If you would like to know more, contact Jack Carnell, Programme Director, by emailing or calling 0751 555 8048.