Innovative technology showcased by Optimec Limited


Optimec Limited recently showcased their cutting-edge technology at a key industry trade conference in America. This innovative device has been developed as a result of undertaking a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project. 

Optimec has over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of soft contact lens measuring instruments, and has a strong presence in the market, with the company’s instruments considered as the standard for geometric inspection of soft contact lenses. The company are part-way through a KTP project in order to develop a new generation of innovative soft contact lens measuring equipment, currently called the Optimec is830.

Representatives from Optimec recently visited the Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) which was held in Las Vegas, to showcase the most recent product developed by Optimec, the JCF Digital. The JCF Digital is the most technologically advanced product in the company’s range and allows the thickness and base curve of contact lenses to be measured to within 0.005mm, while still immersed in saline solution. Commercialisation of the JCF Digital has been possible through investments made by Optimec, which were made as a direct result of work carried out within the KTP. 

The main focus of the KTP, the Optimec is830, was also demonstrated to visitors at GSLS through presentations and was received extremely positively by top industry representatives. Although only at an early prototype stage at GSLS, a full prototype is currently under production based on the feedback from the event.

The increase in technological development at Optimec was made possible by the ongoing KTP project, which has taken expertise from Aston’s School of Life & Health Sciences and the School of Engineering & Applied Science. KTP Associate Dr Ben Coldrick is an Aston alumnus and over the course of the project has been invited to present at UK and international conferences, and has been offered a permanent position at Optimec when the project finishes. 

Dr Ben Coldrick commented:

“This is a great example of how work that has been carried out during the course of the project can make a real difference, not only to the company involved but to the industry they operate in.”

Colin Richards, Optimec’s Operations Director said:

“The KTP is proving to be the ideal vehicle for the successful development and commercialisation of innovative products and for attracting and embedding new talent within the business.”

Dr Thomas Drew from Aston’s School of Life & Health Sciences said: 

“The development of the is830 by Optimec in collaboration with Aston University is an excellent example of the success possible by close academic and industrial collaboration. The project is producing extremely positive commercial feedback for Optimec and is on track for significant research outcomes for Aston, we could not be happier”  

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