Aston University works with Hessiclip to tackle early life cycle business issues


Hessiclip is a newly established brainchild of B J Tiller & Son, conceived in Lincolnshire. The company is a family run business where the owner has extensive experience in the building industry.

Hessiclip recently approached Aston Business School and asked them to undertake some market research in order to resolve some issues the company were experiencing. Two students from the Aston MSc in Market Research and Consultancy undertook the project.

The challenge of this project was to investigate the size of the potential market for Hessiclip and understand who the potential customers are in order to address the issues of low sales and low awareness of Hessiclip’s developed product. 

This successful project with Aston University has identified opportunities in order to maximise the awareness and sales of Hessiclip’s newly developed and innovative product- the ‘clip’. The clip aims to replace the unsafe method of balancing bricks and blocks on top of hessian sheets, used during the curing process of bricklaying. The clip was designed to protect half-built walls during the cold, wet, or windy weather. This developed method allows Hessiclip to hold brick and blocks in a more stable and professional manner and enhance the safety level for both builders and passers-by. The advanced clip is featured at a low cost, and is re-usable and recyclable, which benefits the customers as well as the environment.

The analysis of external market and internal environments of Hessiclip suggests that the product has great potential, due to the construction industry having stronger restraints on Health and Safety than ever before. Furthermore, investigations of the current market environment proves that there are no current rivals in the market place, which indicates that close monitoring is required in the future.

As a result of this project, the students of Aston University found ways to overcome the issue of low sales, an increase in awareness, through maximising the value and availability of products to the end users. 

Steve Tiller of Hessiclip said: ‘We’d like to thank the students of Aston University for taking on this project. Reading the report has highlighted some hugely valuable points to us.” 

Dr Neil Shepherd, Lecturer in Strategy at Aston University said: “This is a great example of the value that Aston can bring to growing companies. As well as the positive feedback from Hessiclip, the students who undertook the project gained vital consultancy skills too, so it was a mutually beneficial process.”

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