Employing an international student

Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of employing international students – they are a valuable resource for any organisation. Aston’s international graduates in particular are known to be highly skilled, experienced and ready to make an immediate impact.

Aston has over 1500 international students studying undergraduate and foundation degrees (BSc, BEng, BA), postgraduate taught programmes (MSc) and MBA and DBA programmes, as well as postgraduate research degrees (MPhil and PhD).

Why hire an Aston international student or graduate?

  • Language skills and multicultural experience

  • Unique insight and knowledge of potential import/export markets

  • Work experience in a global market

  • The majority of Aston students have undertaken a placement year - creating experienced, mature recruits, able to quickly adapt to your work environment

  • Improve your international marketing strategies through overseas contacts and networks

  • Cost-effective consultancy for one-off projects

  • Enrichment and diversification of your workforce

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Recruiting an international student during their studies

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Advertise with Aston Futures

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Why target Aston students & graduates?

Why target Aston students & graduates?