Recruiting Aston Students Abroad

Aston Alumni recruit Aston students for internships across the world every year.

Our international placement programme has proved attractive to businesses who benefit from exceptional students in a short-term and cost effective way. If your organisation needs some extra resource or support with a project, a placement student could be a great way of filling these gaps.

Internships usually start in the summer and last for 6-12 months in various sectors including Chemistry, Engineering, IT, Law, Marketing, Teaching and Clinical Research.

Students come from a range of subject areas including Life and Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and Engineering.

Over 300 students are currently completing placements abroad! 

To find out more about recruiting an Aston student, please get in touch with Tiphaine Vallat, International Projects and Business Development Manager, or +44 (0)121 204 3818. 


“I've been involved in tasks ranging from taking minutes in meetings one day, to helping build a Geographical Information System base map that will be used as a reference point the next day, to assisting in evaluating the technical and financial bids from some prominent technology companies.”

Munya Katemauswa – BSc Multimedia Computing

“Munya was consistently willing to take on responsibilities beyond and outside the limits of his skill and comfort zone for the sheer benefit of learning.   Munya will be remembered as a star performer!” Andrew Elliott, Riyadh Bus Project Team (MBA 1993)