Applications are used to demonstrate to an employer that you have the relevant skills and knowledge to make an ideal candidate for the job. Your answers should not only reflect on your experiences, but also convey what you gained or learnt from them.

What is an application?

An employer may choose to use an application instead of a CV, or ask for you to complete both. It enables them to ask specific questions about the job, and may include competency based or creative questions.

Application guidelines

Throughout your application you'll want to demonstrate an understanding of the skills, knowledge and experience required for the role.

Download our handy guides for more detail about applications: 

  • Application guidelines - this pdf contains general help in completing applications, as well as focusing on applications for Graduate Schemes
  • Public sector applications - information about applying for roles in the public sector, such as the NHS 
  • Speculative applications - not all graduate jobs are advertised. Sometimes it's worth sending off an application to see whether there is a potential job, placement or work-experience opportunity. 


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Advice for international applications

As qualifications are different in each country, make sure you provide enough detail that the recruiter can understand how they compare to local equivalents. 

Enter the level of achievement and main subjects of study. Enter grades or results in terms or a percentage as these are easily understood. 

You can find information about equivalent qualifications on the NARIC website.

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