CV Information

If you are applying for graduate jobs, placements, other work experience or further study, it’s highly likely that you will need to produce a CV (curriculum vitae). Simplified, a CV is a summary of your academic, work and extra curricular achievements but most importantly, it should be a carefully crafted personal marketing tool. 

Step 1: First impressions matter 

Employers sift through hundreds of CVs and many of them are rejected immediately because they don’t follow basic principles. For advice on building a professional marketing tool for yourself view our CV guidelines found in our CV Library.

A traditional CV is officially called a Reverse Chronological CV. It's the most commonly recognised, as it presents readers with a clear timeline of your skills, competencies and experiences. View a CV example here.


Step 2: Tailor and personalise

Different employers and occupations will require different combinations of skills and abilities. Take time to research the company and the role you are interested in. You can then match your skills/competencies and experience to those required and adjust your CV content accordingly.  

Whether it's for work, a graduate role or a placement, every CV should be tailored to the specific role. If you need to, get advice.

Step 3: Use the resources available

We have a comprehensive list of resources and tools to help you create a winning CV. Put aside some time to read through the information and plan your CV properly. 

As an Aston University student or graduate, you also have access to an online CV creation tool. Click here to be taken to our secure area where you can access this resource and create a professional CV in minutes.

If you need a little more help, get advice

Don’t forget!

Every time you learn something new or gain some more experience, make a note of it. It may be significant for a future position. Keep your CV current, in case you forget it later.


Take a look in the CV Library for more CV examples and resources, including helpful action words to make your CV buzz.