Final Year

You’re in your final year. You have so much to think about right now to finish your degree that planning your career is the last thing on your mind. Don’t forget – we're here to give you the support you need, when you need it. 

Our handy timeline below will help you get on track. 

Key dates

October – Apply for graduate positions! Some close very soon.

September to December

September to December guidelines

Check out the events page

You’re too busy to come to our events, right? Just take a look at what’s on offer. An hour now could introduce you to your first employer – this is the time they recruit to fill graduate positions, so don’t miss out.

Graduate jobs

Start considering graduate positions; get your applications finished and sent off. Practice interview techniques and try out some psychometric testing. They are often used as part of the interview process – and practice will help you feel familiar with them and more relaxed. Visit the Find a Job section for more advice.

Postgraduate courses

Have you decided which course is right for you? If not, it’s time to get researching. Get your applications completed so that you don’t miss out.

January to March

January to March timeline

Update your CV

Take 30 minutes to just glance through and make sure it’s all up to date. If you need help then take a look at the CV section on this website, we’ve got all the information you need. 

Get ready for interviews

If you’re headed straight into the job market after your degree, you’ll want to be ready. You’ve got your CV and prepared a cover letter – but what about the interview? 

We’ve got lots of ways you can practice. Video applications, advice and psychometric testing – used by more and more employees as part of every interview. When you think you’re ready, book your mock interview with a careers consultant – practice makes perfect. 

April to June

April to June timeline

Broaden your horizons

Do you feel like your fellow students have their lives mapped out, but you still don’t know what’s going to happen after university? You are not alone. There are plenty of graduates undecided about the perfect career. Whether you go to work with an SME, consider recruitment agencies or want to know your options, there are plenty of routes to choose from. 

Visit the Find a Job section on this website for help. 

What happens next?

You’re focused on exams. We understand. But after that, it’s time for the job hunting to begin. There are plenty of great jobs on Aston Futures, as well as other sites. 

Over the Summer

July to August timeline

Access to Careers+Placements services

As an Aston University Graduate you have access to the Careers+Placements website, Aston Futures and consultants for three years after you leave. We are dedicated to helping Aston students find work.