Internships, insight courses and holiday work

Internships, insight courses and holiday work allow you to:

  • Gain valuable experience that will help you in your interviews
  • Show potential employers what you are made of 
  • Make decisions about your future

Vacation internships generally last for 2-12 weeks. They are often aimed at penultimate year students so, if you are doing a four-year sandwich degree, it is worth considering applying for internships for the summer at the end of your placement year. You can also apply for some internships at the end of the first and second year of undergraduate studies.

If you are a 1st year student you can apply for an insight course which may last from a few days up to a week and these often take place around Easter time. An insight course is a short period of time, usually structured around some activities, that allows you to get a flavour of working within a particular company or organisation.

How to find internship and insight courses

Try these useful websites for finding vacation internships and insight courses:

Aston Futures C+P
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Prospects Work Experience careers

Or you can contact graduate employers directly. Take a look at the following Careers & Placements page to get some ideas on starting your research:

How to find holiday work

Holiday work is a great way to get experience, whether it’s paid or unpaid. It doesn’t need to be relevant to your degree or your career to be beneficial and it shows potential employers that you are reliable and resourceful. 

Here are some useful links and holiday work ideas:

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