Mid Degree

Welcome back. Now you’re part way through your degree, whether you’re on a 3 year or 4 year course, there’s still plenty to do to get yourself ready for the job market. This year is key – it’s time to think ahead and get yourself on the right path as early as possible to beat the rest.

Use the timeline below to keep an eye on the biggest dates in your calendar.

September to December 

September to December guidelines

Start planning for next summer

No matter what course you are on, now is the time to start planning. 

  • Life and Health Sciences students looking for a postgraduate training or pre-registration position
  • Business School students looking for a summer internship
  • Pharmacy, Finance, Optometry, Law – whatever your course, if you want to be part of a Summer Vacation Scheme 

It pays to think about it early. The biggest companies get inundated with applications early on, and many have pre-Christmas deadlines. If you have a destination in mind, act now. And if you don’t, start researching now to find out the amazing choices available.

Aston Placements

Placements are fantastic opportunities to get career experience, but also to visit new towns – new countries too. Did you know you can study abroad - it counts as a placement! Explore, experience and enjoy something completely different, before finishing your course. 

Start planning – some of the most popular placements get filled up pre-Christmas.

Get advice

If you're not sure where your degree can take you yet, then now is the time to get ideas and guidance. Get in touch with your careers consultant and explore the Which Career part of the website to discover the options that appeal to you. 

Check out our events

Throughout this term the Careers+Placements team hold events and fairs that introduce you to  employers. Come along to get tips on how to make a great impression, find out who offers graduate opportunities and who recruits early.

January to March

January to March timeline

Practice for interviews

Just like anything else, the more you practice, the better you will be at interviews. Video applications, interview techniques and psychometric testing – a tool many employers use as part of the interview process – we’ve got everything you need.

Consider SMEs

Still looking for your perfect internship or placement? Consider a small or medium sized enterprise. SME’s are full of independent, creative experts offering you the perfect place to gain experience. SME’s have huge benefits to offer students over larger corporations – and they start advertising their positions now. 

Keep Aston Futures updated

Login to Aston Futures and update your preferences.

Tailor your CV

By now you should have a CV. It’s essential for any application, so having it to hand is always useful. Don’t worry if it seems quite short - your CV will grow and develop as you do. If you are not sure how to phrase things take a look at our CV page

April to June

April to June timeline

Graduate jobs – already?

Yes, really. If you’re approaching your final year, start thinking about graduate positions. After all, there are a lot of graduates, and only so many jobs. Get your applications in early – and then practice interview techniques and try some psychometric testing. 


You can’t know everyone, but it certainly helps to familiarise yourself with others working on the same career path as yourself. Discover professional bodies and join online forums and groups – LinkedIn is your friend here. Get out and about within the university – join clubs and meet with similar aspirations. One day you could all be on the same team.

Don’t panic

Not sure of your plans for the next year. Seek advice from the Careers+Placements team. You never know what ideas we have up our sleeves. 

Over the Summer

July to August timeline

Get ready for placement

There’s a few things to do in preparation for your placement. Visit the placements page to find your handbook, arrange your tutor visits and learn about visas.

Get your finances sorted

If a placement is your next stop, then you’ll need to get your finances in line. Upload your Job Description and contract to MAP for approval by your placement coordinator – kick starting the finance process.