It's proven that taking a placement year helps improve your employability. That's why, even when it's not a required part of your course, we encourage every student at Aston University to take one. 

Did you know that Aston is ranked 3rd in the UK for the number of students taking a sandwich placements? (HESA 2018*)

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Searching for a placement

From choosing your career path to writing your CV, find all the support you need to find the perfect placement.

Overseas placements

Work or Study Placement Abroad - we’ve got the contacts and support you need.


All the information you need about the Erasmus+ programme, providing funding for overseas opportunities.

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Preparing for a placement

You’ve received an offer. Find out what to do before you accept.

On placement

Handbooks, help and how to keep in touch. Everything you need for the year ahead.

Your Placement Team

Find out who to contact for help now, and while you’re on your placement.

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Student testimonials 

Minita Unadkat, BSc Computing for Business


“My Placement year has enabled me to add value to my peers, team and the business combining the knowledge and skills I have gained during University with real life work experience.”

Cameron Button, BSc Marketing

Cameron Button, BSc Marketing

“Virgin Media has been a blast, everyone has been so friendly and supportive. Because of them, I’ve been able to do some incredible things and learned more than I ever thought I would, and all just from 12 months!”  

Tiffany Chung, BSc English Language

Tiffany Chung, BSc English Language

"My placement helped me grow as a person and allowed me to practice and learn new professional skills that will be beneficial in the future." 

Mark Deas, BSc German and Spanish

Mark Deas, BSc German and Spanish

“I've just finished my Year Abroad where I was in Spain (Valencia) and Germany (Paderborn). This photo is from one of my travels!”