Finding your placement

A placement year is a wonderful opportunity to develop workplace skills and graduate with one year’s experience. 

You might choose to work either in the UK or abroad, or you can choose to spend time exploring a new culture in one of our partner universities with a study abroad placement. At Aston University you can take a placement year, even when it's not a course requirement.

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Which career?

A placement year is a great opportunity to try out the career you are interested in, this can be outside of your degree specialism. In preparation for your placement search, you need to consider the type of career that’s right for you. Think about what you enjoy and what motivates you - you'll find your degree can take you in surprising directions. 

If you're looking for more information about the choices available to you, the Careers+Placements website has all the help you need in discovering what your degree can do

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Aston Futures

The placement team actively works with employers and universities to create opportunities for Aston students. We approach a variety of organisations from multi-national companies to SMEs. We even offer a Talent Bank service for students looking for placement, in the UK or overseas.  

Log in to Aston Futures and create your profile. Keep your job preferences up to date and we'll send vacancies that match your interests. Your profile ensures that we're approaching the right industries.

Did you know that Careers+Placements has it's own in-house recruitment service for students looking for a placement? Find out more about Talent Bank

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CVs, Applications & Interviews

In order to apply for a placement role you need to have an up to date and good CV. Attend our placement workshops during your 2nd year to get advice on how to create and tailor your documents. 

Visit the CVs page for help in writing a great CV, your sales pitch to gaining the placement you want. Your Placement Coordinator will be on hand to review and provide feedback. 

Once your CV is ready, we’ve got plenty of help for you with applications and interviews, and practical ways to practice for psychometric testing and assessment centres.

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Practical workshops

Throughout the autumn term the Placement Coordinators run practical workshops for every 2nd year student. Check the timetable for each workshop, and pick any you would like to attend. The more you engage, the better prepared you’ll be in securing your placement. 

If you miss one, or you want a reminder of the content, just check Blackboard for all of the information. 

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Expand your job search and be proactive

Monitor Aston Futures for work or study placements that interest you, and keep on applying. It’s rare to get the first placement you apply for, so don’t give up.

Aston Futures isn't the only job portal available to you. Be proactive with your search. Click here to download a list of other suggested sites you can use.

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Happy hunting

You've got plenty of places to start and all the help you need right here, so start searching for exciting placement opportunities right now.

If you think you’re running out of time, don’t panic, we’re here to help.

52% of jobs and placements on Aston Futures are degree specific – which means 48% are not. Don’t just read the job title, check out the description too. You might just find something you never expected.