Applications for a Study Abroad Placement

Study Abroad opportunities for the following academic year are advertised on Aston Futures from the beginning of November.

Read each advert carefully - it will contain the application form and instructions. 

To be successful in your application, it’s important to:

  • Research the Partner Universities you are interested in carefully. That includes the websites, the country and city and the living costs. Don’t forget to double check the academic calendar of your preferred University. 
  • Make sure you check the visa application process (if required). 
  • Don’t miss the deadline! Read the advert carefully.

Don’t forget – you can provide three preferred universities (in order of preference).

Help in finding the right Study Abroad Placement

Meet final year students and hear what their experience, and find out more at the next International Placements event. All events are listed on Aston Futures

You can also book an advice appointment via Aston Futures with a member of the team. 

What happens next?

  1. After the deadline, your application will be reviewed by the Study Abroad team.
  2. If you are successful, we will send you a study abroad offer (via e-mail).
  3. Take some time to think about the offer – once you accept it, you cannot change your mind. Therefore, if you are not sure about accepting the study placement offer you should withdraw from the process.