Studying abroad does not have to be any more expensive than studying in Birmingham if you budget well and take advantage of any funding for which you may be eligible. 

What you do pay for

Click here to view the cost of the Aston tuition fees during the placement year. 

If you take a Study Abroad programme then you will pay the Aston tuition fees rather than the tuition fees at the partner institution  (although administrative fees and/or social activities fees may occur). 

All exchange students are responsible for paying for their own accommodation, travel, and visa costs (if applicable) and all other living expenses whilst studying or working abroad and so budgeting in advance is crucial.

More funding options

You are still eligible to apply for SFE (Student Finance England) for your placement year – and might be eligible to apply for their Travel Grant.

For more information regarding the placement year fee, SFE and the Aston Scholarship, please contact the Hub

If you undertake a study/work placement in Europe during the academic year 2019/20 , you are also eligible for the Erasmus grant.

For those planning to undertake a placement in Europe in the academic year 2020/21 and beyond, Erasmus funding will be dependent on the UK government’s negotiations with the EU. Please refer to our Brexit page for more information: