Key priorities

Before term begins

Aston International Students

Plan ahead

You may not have started your course yet, but the larger graduate recruiters are already on the look out for their next intake of employees and training programmes. International and UK based applications open now – and some close as early as October. If you need advice, get in touch with your careers consultants. 

International students

It may feel daunting heading to the UK for study, particularly if you haven’t been here before. Do what you can to make it easier – study the culture of the country before you get there.

As soon as you arrive, find out about our induction programme aimed at helping you find your way about university. Put the sessions in your diary. 

September to December

September to December guidelines

Develop your experience

Now is the time to fine tune your experience and build on your CV. Here are some things you can do to boost develop additional skills and stand out from the crowd. 

  • Find a part-time job or volunteer work, see what opportunities you can find that relate to your chosen degree. The JobShop can help
  • Join extracurricular clubs and societies that interest you. Meet like-minded new friends, build self-confidence and develop additional skills.
  • Find out about our mentoring programmes. 
  • Check out the events page to see all of the exciting fairs and workshops on offer from your careers team. 

Choosing your career path

There are so many ways to get ahead and prepare for the end of your degree. Discover your career options and research the different jobs aimed at MSc students. 

Companies are recruiting now – start considering your application and visit your careers consultant for help. 

Or staying on to study

If you are considering a PhD, now is the time to research the requirements. 

International students – be prepared

Visit us in the Hub to find out about visas and everything you need to know about working in the UK or another country.

Consider an internship

Now is a good time to consider an internship. Larger employers will start recruiting now. Come and see a careers consultant to discuss ideas. 

January to March

January to March timeline

Update your CV

Take 30 minutes to just glance through and make sure it’s all up to date. Don’t forget, you can find plenty of help with your CV on this website or by booking an appointment with the careers team – helping you to get ready for future job applications.

Get ready for interviews

If you’re headed straight into the job market after your degree, you’ll want to be prepared. You’ve got your CV and prepared a cover letter – but what about the interview? Get interview ready with our practice assessment centre, psychometric testing and videos. When you think you’re ready, book your mock interview with a careers consultant – practice makes perfect. 

Build your skill set

Apply now for internships or find out about volunteer projects that are specific to your MSc. Every experience now builds your skills and helps prepare you for your future career. 

April to June

April to June timeline

Direct entry jobs

If you want to get straight to work after university, we’ve got plenty of great opportunities on Aston Futures. Have a look to see the different places your degree can take you.

Internships and other options

It’s not too late to consider an internship. While bigger employers may recruit earlier, smaller companies and SME’s have a rich variety of experience and specialisms to offer. Come and see your careers consultant to discuss your options.

Fill your CV with experience

You’ve got time now to get real experience for your CV – helping you stand out from other graduates. 

Get a part-time job, look for short-term graduate opportunities or business projects you can be a part of. Come and talk to us, we’ll help you find a good fit.

Access to Careers+Placements services

As an Aston University Graduate you have access to the Careers+Placements website, Aston Futures and consultants for three years after you leave. We’re here if you need us.