Which career should you choose?

Choosing a career can be daunting. To keep it as simple as possible, follow the process below which breaks things down into manageable sections. Remember, we are at your side with support, advice and resources. 

know what makes tick- careers

Know what makes you tick

What motivates you? Where do your strengths lie? What’s your personality type? We can help you answer these and other questions, so that you can identify the careers that you are most likely to succeed in and enjoy.

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Generate careers ideas - careers

Generate career ideas

What does an Events Manager do? How do you find paid work with a charity? Which careers are open to you as an engineering graduate?  Find out about different careers, professions and sectors and make informed decisions about your future.

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Career path - Careers

Advice by career and subject

Where can you look for job opportunities in the careers that interest you? Are there professional bodies associated to your career area? Get all the information you need with our handy guide to the top career choices.

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Letterpress - Careers

Explore alternative options

Not every path leads to corporate graduate schemes. Many lead to vocational careers, some to self-employment and enterprise, and others to postgraduate study. Where does your path lead?

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decision making skills - Careers

Decision making skills

It’s time to make some decisions, armed with everything you know about yourself, about the careers that suit you, and the alternative paths you could take. Here are some useful decision-making tools to help you. 

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