M.Ed. Participant Negotiated Independent Study

The M.Ed. is a 60 credit fully supported independent participant negotiated study, which leads to a Masters award (M.Ed). If you would to enquire about this programme please contact Jon Taylor. It is available to those members of Aston staff who have successfully completed the PGDip programme. 

M.Ed. taught sessions (9 half-days followed by lunch) are creatively designed to be flexible, participatory and provocative to challenge prior assumptions within a highly supportive and confidential community of practice. 

The final artefact submitted by participants for their M.Ed study may be a highly creative and not necessarily entirely written response.

The first assessment is portfolio-based, comprising:

  • A self-audit of your research experience
  • A peer-reviewed presentation 
  • A risk assessment
  • A proposal for a piece of research or structured inquiry 

There is only one pre-declared learning outcome:

Transform your academic practice through a structured inquiry

Two further negotiated learning outcomes are shaped by participants who align these with their final M.Ed. artefact they produce and evaluate for their second assessment.

For more information please contact Caroline Smeeton, CLIPP Programmes Administration Officer