The School of Languages and Social Sciences and Aston's Library and Information Services have excellent learning resources and support services for international students.  

See below for a list of online resources or click here for a list of recommended books, which will help you to develop your English language skills.   

English Page – English listening resources
This  site has a number of links to British and American quality radio programmes

This site is helpful for listening to informal, spontaneous language

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Language Centre
A comprehensive guide put together by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology language centre; lessons 7, 8, 10 and 15 are particularly useful for presenting

Academic English online


Referencing – The Harvard System

Free online Dictionary of English Pronunciation 

Various video lectures on pronunciation, word stress and intonation:

Interactive Pronunciation Exercises

Lectures and tutorials

A range of free online lectures on academic topics

OWL, online academic writing resource, including grammar and punctuation

 Guide to grammar and writing

Various video lectures on grammar points

Video Lecture Description Sub-Category Time Click to view video

Preferences; Conditionals; Prepositions; The Passive;  Present Perfect; Reported Speech; Phrasal verbs ; Comparatives; Articles; Modal verbs

Upper-intermediate & Advanced Level ESL Quizzes

Differentiating between plural and possessive nouns
 Using pronouns, adjectives and adverbs in sentences

Changing sentences in 7 different ways – principles (video lesson)

Sentence types
Sentence variety

Correctly identifying the parts of a sentence

  Understanding complex sentences

Learning subject-verb agreement

Writers Web, OWL (see above)

Grammar Howlers

Homonyms test

Theme: Activities and hobbies

Cambridge Advanced English – Speaking test (Video clip)
English Conversation Learn English Speaking Lesson 01 (A host family)
English Conversation Learn English Speaking Lesson 02 (A host family)
English Conversation Learn English Speaking Lesson 03 (A host family)
IELTS preparation: VIDEO Clips Series 1 (26 episodes on various topics)
Episode 1: Word groups (vocabulary building)
Episode 2: Expressing opinions and facts
Episode 3: Expressing formal information in academic contexts
Episode 4: Comparison of adjectives; Prepositions of time
Episode 5: Vocabulary for expresses causes and effects
Episode 6: Vocabulary for expressing causes and effect
Episode 7: Passive voice
Episode 8: Relative pronouns and clauses; connected speech
Episode 9: Compound sentences/independent and dependent sentences
Various video lectures on teaching tips, such as raising student motivation (by The British Council and BBC)
Assessment for learning
Whole School / CPD in school / Staff training (2165)