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What we do:

Supporting Institutional Strategy and Key Performance Indicators: 

The Quality Team is responsible for coordinating University activity to support the institutional strategy, benchmarked against the University’s key performance indicators. The Quality Team supports and provides expertise to academic and professional staff as well as to other stakeholders, such as partner institutions and employers, promoting shared values and expectations. Quality assurance and enhancement activities provide the institution with a set of tools and processes to ensure that Aston’s programmes are aligned to the University’s strategic objectives, and provide value to its beneficiaries and stakeholders.

The work involves reviewing activity and identifying both good practice and areas for improvement, to positively enhance the student learning experience. In addition to this, the team is also responsible for interpreting national policy where this relates to quality assurance and enhancement and preparing the University for external audit and review.


The Quality Team also supports a number of committees which form part of the quality assurance and enhancement processes at Aston.  You can find more information about these committees on our committees page.

QAA Membership

As a member of the national Quality Assurance Agency, all Aston University staff and students can register for access to QAA membership resources.  This includes:

  • Guidance and research papers
  • Information on UK Higher Education
  • Help forums
  • Information about forthcoming events

Aston's membership package also includes access to:

  • The Quality Insights and International Insights resources
  • Case studes and webinar recordings

To register and gain access to the many resources available, please click here  and complete the registration process.

Central Quality Office, South Wing 408:

Sarah Davies 4x5

Sarah Davies
Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement
Ext: 4657
Email:  s.j.davies@aston.ac.uk

 Adam picture

Adam Hewitt
Quality Officer (Academic Standards)
Ext: 4672
Email:  a.hewitt@aston.ac.uk

Steve Jones 4x5

Steve Jones
Quality Officer (Information and Systems)
Ext: 3757
Email:  s.c.jones@aston.ac.uk

Belinda picture

Belinda Cross
Quality Officer (Programme Approval and Modification)
Ext: 5220
Email:  b.cross@aston.ac.uk

Lesley Price 4x5

Lesley Price
Institutional Quality Lead for Collaborative Provision
Ext: 4656
Email:  l.a.price@aston.ac.uk

School Contacts: 

 Aston Business School:

Jenny Holt
Extension:  3129
Email:  j.e.holt@aston.ac.uk
Location:  ABS School Office, Main Building 6th Floor


Aston Medical School:

Elizabeth Bridges 
Extension:  4974
Email: e.bridges@aston.ac.uk
Location:  Main Building 510


Engineering and Applied Sciences:

  donna (003)                        

Donna Wheat
Extension:  5294
Email:  d.wheat@aston.ac.uk
Location:  Main Building 135


Languages and Social Sciences:

Yvonne Henderson
Extension:  4288
Email:  y.henderson@aston.ac.uk
Location:  MB777


Life and Health Sciences:

Trevor Knight 
Extension:  3968
Email:  t.knight@aston.ac.uk
Location:  Main Building 626b

Karen Penny
Extension:  3988
Email: k.penny@aston.ac.uk
Location: ABS School Office, Main Building 6th Floor







David Santoro picture for clipp webpages

David Santoro
Extension:  4971
Email:  d.santoro@aston.ac.uk
Location:  Main Building 135



Claire Rolls
Externsion:  3171
Email:  c.rolls@aston.ac.uk



Gillian Cook
Extension:  4094
Email:  g.p.Cook@aston.ac.uk
Location:  Main Buliding 625

Click the image below to download the Quality Team Staff Structure Chart



The main Quality Office is currently located on the fourth floor of the south wing in MB408..  However, School Quality representatives are located in their respective School of study.  See the "who we are" section for details.

Response to the 2017/18 Quality Team Survey

Thank you to everbody who responded to the Quality Team Survey we ran to gather feedback on your experiences of working with the Quality Team.  We have analysed the results and produced a summary of the key issues that arose and our responses to them. 
You can find the report here

Information and resources:

Frequently Requested Pages

For more information, please visit our A-Z for an indication of more areas where we can provide advice and guidance. 

For general queries please email: clipp_quality@aston.ac.uk

Alternatively, contact one of the team using the 'Who we are' section above or from the CLIPP staff directory

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