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Evaluation of Modules and Taught Programmes

Information on the Review of Research programmes may be found at http://www.aston.ac.uk/academic-services/for-staff/a-to-z-of-academic-services/graduate-school/


The evaluation of modules and taught programmes is a key part of the University's quality assurance processes, and part of a cycle of continuous improvement by the staff and students of a programme.  Evaluation centres on critical reflection at the Module, Programme, School  and University levels. 

The formal Annual Review Reports are submitted for peer scrutiny at a fixed point in each academic year, and draw on a range of internal and external data.  It is through the formal Annual Review Reports that the University assures itself, and other stakeholders, that the quality and standards are being managed, that issues are being resolved and that good practice is being shared.

Evaluation Policy

The current Evaluation Policy sets out the context and process of annual review.

If you are already familiar with the previous year's policy, you may wish to view the summary of changes.

Module-Level Evaluation

Module Leaders should complete a Module Report and Action Plan form (below), annually, which should be submitted to the Programme Director for each programme to which the module contributes.

The guidance document (below) provides detailed information about what should be considered within the report and reflection.

The resulting report and action plan will inform the Programme-Level Reports and Action Plans.

Programme-Level Evaluation

Programme Directors should complete a Programme-Level Report and Action Plan form (below) in consultation with the programme delivery team, students and other stakeholders.  This should be considered at Programme Committee meetings.

There are now two undergraduate and postgraduate forms at the programme level: one for programmes which have collaborative partners and one for those that do not. For a definition of what is considered ‘collaborative’ in this context please see the ‘Summary of changes’ information above.

The guidance documents (below) provides more detailed information on what should be considered within these reports and reflections for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.


Collaborative Programmes


Collaborative Programmes

The resulting report and action plan should be submitted to the Associate Deans and will inform the School-Level Reports and Action Plans.

School-Level Evaluation

The School-Level Evaluation will be undertaken by Associate Deans, using the School Annual Report Form and Guidance (below). 

The School Annual report will be submitted to the University Learning and Teaching Committee for scrutiny.  University LTC will provide feedback and produce a summary of reports for each year.

The most recent summaries of good practice can be found in the Summary Reports section, below.

Summaries of past reports: 

Summaries of past reports are available to view.

Resources and Data Sources

Information and Data Sources can be found here.

For guidance on this policy, please contact the Quality Team.