Programme Directors' Handbook

The Programme Director's Handbook is currently being updated.  A new version will be available shortly.

The Programme Directors’ Handbook is a guide to the tasks and responsibilities of the role, and is to be used as both a source of information and as a planning tool. The sections of the Handbook have been grouped according to the key activities the Programme Director is involved with. It is important to note that these are not new responsibilities; the handbook reflects a collation of existing policy and practice.

Please be aware that the Handbook is frequently being updated as, for example, existing policies are amended or new forms brought into use, etc. In light of this, it is recommended that you click on the document link when you need to access information from the Handbook rather than printing a copy that may become superseded. A list of the versions and the reasons for any updates can be found on the last page of the handbook.

For further information please contact Dr Rowena Senior, CLIPP: via email or ext.5222.