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Quality Team Committees

The Quality Team, within CLIPP, is responsible for supporting a number of University Committees which relate to Quality Enhancement and Assurance.

For more information on the University's Committee System, please visit the  University Committee Webpages 

Collaborative Provision Strategy Group (CPSG)

CPSG is a sub-group of Learning and Teaching Committee. Its primary role is to ensure that collaborative arrangements with partners which lead to the award of academic credit or a qualification of the University adhere to University quality standards and meet legal and regulatory requirements. CPSG plays an important role in mitigating financial and reputational risk. It oversees the approval, monitoring, review, renewal, termination and running out of collaborative arrangements via its regular meetings, the provision of web-based policies and process documents,and liaison with Programme leads, School Quality Officers,International Development staff, the Legal team and experts in finance,taxation, regulations, library provision and other areas.

You can find more information about the Collaborative Provision Strategy Group and its work by visiting the CPSG webpage.

Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC)

Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) reports directly to Senate.  It develops, enables and evaluates the implementation of the University strategy for Learning and Teaching.  The Committee also enables and evaluates the work of the Schools and central departments in identifying, promoting and disseminating effective practice and innovation in programme design and delivery, and in teaching, feedback and assessment methodologies.  The Committee also makes recommendations on the enhancement of the quality and standards of taught programmes and of the student learning experience.  

You can find more information about Learning and teaching Committee and its work by visiting the LTC webpage.

Programme Approval Steering Committee

The Programme Approval Steering Committee is a sub-committee of Learning and Teaching Committee. It's purpose is to approve new programmes in liaison with Programme Specific Approval Panels (PSAPs) and to approve modifications to existing programmes and withdrawals.

You can find more information about Programme Approval Steering Committee and its work by visiting the PASC webpage.

Regulation Sub-Committee

Regulation Sub-Committee (RSC) is a sub-committee of Learning and Teaching Committee. RSC ensures consistent academic standards across the University through monitoring, review, and enhancement of the University’s regulatory framework, taking into account the implications of external bodies, policy, and changes in University strategy and practice.  

You can find more information about Regulation Sub-Committee and its work by visiting the RSC webpage