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Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC)


Purpose of the committee:

To develop, enable and evaluate the implementation of the University Strategy for Learning and Teaching.  To consider and make recommendations on the enhancement of the quality and standards of taught programmes and of the student learning experience.

Reports to:


Committees and Groups that report to this Committee

Operational Learning and Teaching Committee

Membership and Terms of Reference

You can find a full list of members in the Membership List document below, or you can view the members by area in the table further down this page.

You can find more detailed information about this committee in the Terms of Reference below:

Chair and Secretary

  Name Email
 Chair  Professor Helen Higson  helen.higson@aston.ac.uk
 Secretary  Sarah Davies  s.j.davies@aston.ac.uk


Membership by Area Represented

 Area Represented Member Email
 Aston Business School  Kathy Daniels  k.daniels1@aston.ac.uk
 Aston Business School (School Learning and Teaching Committee)  Simon Finley  s.finley@aston.ac.uk
 Aston Business School (Academic Staff)  Colin Chapman  c.chapman1@aston.ac.uk
 Aston Medical School (School Learning and Teaching Committee)  Professor Helen Cameron  helen.cameron@aston.ac.uk
 Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP)  Professor Frank Eperjesi  f.eperjesi@aston.ac.uk
 Collaborative Provision Strategy Group (CPSG)  TBC  
 Employability Strategy Group (ESG)  Etta Parkes  e.l.parkes1@aston.ac.uk
 Human Resources  Claire Freeman  c.e.freeman@aston.ac.uk
 Information Services  Jeremy Batt  j.p.batt@aston.ac.uk
 Learning Development Centre (LDC)  Ellen Pope  e.l.pope@aston.ac.uk
 Learning Technologies Management Group  Chris Wilson  c.j.wilson@aston.ac.uk
 Library and IT Planning and Engagement Group  Chris Wanley  chris.wanley@aston.ac.uk
 Library Services  Angela Brady  a.e.brady@aston.ac.uk
 Programme Approval Steering Committee (PASC)  Dr Carol Marley  c.n.marley@aston.ac.uk
 Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement  Sarah Davies  s.j.davies@aston.ac.uk
 Regulation Sub-Committee (RSC)  Professor Chris Langley  Tonyclark1@aston.ac.uk
 School of Engineering and Applied Science  Professor Tony Clark  t.n.oliver@aston.ac.uk
 School of Engineering and Applied Science (School Learning and Teaching Committee)  Dr Gillian Knight  g.knight@aston.ac.uk
 School of Engineering and Applied Science (Academic Staff)  Dr Aniko Ekart  a.ekart@aston.ac.uk
 School of Languages and Social Sciences  Dr Virginie Grzelczyk  v.grzelczyk@aston.ac.uk
 School of Languages and Social Sciences (School Learning and Teaching Committee)  Dr Raquel Fernandez-Sanchez  r.fernandez-sanchez@aston.ac.uk
 School of Languages and Social Sciences (Academic Staff)  Elisabeth Wielander  e.wielander@aston.ac.uk
 School of Life and Health Sciences  Dr Liz Moores  e.j.moores@aston.ac.uk
 School of Life and Health Sciences (School Learning and Teaching Committee)  Dr Ann Vernallis  a.b.vernallis@aston.ac.uk
 School of Life and Health Sciences (Academic Staff)  Professor Chris Langley  c.a.langley@aston.ac.uk
 Student and Academic Services  Alison Levey  a.levey@aston.ac.uk
 Student Representative (UG)  TBC  
 Student Representative (PGT)  TBC  
 Student Representative PG Cert in Learning an Teaching  TBC  
 Student Representation Group  Pawan Kumar Neglur  union.vpe@aston.ac.uk
 Student Representation Group  Alison Levey  a.levey@aston.ac.uk
 Students' Union  Pawan Kumar Neglur  union.vpe@aston.ac.uk
Student Voice/Communication  Dawn Vos  d.vos1@aston.ac.uk



This Committee meets four times in each academic year.

Dates for 2019/20

 Date Time
 23 October 2019  14:00 - 16:00
 25 February 2020  10:00 - 12:00
 07 May 2020  10:00 - 12:00
 23 June 2020  10:00 - 12:00


LTC Strategy/Sharing Session

 Date Time
 23 June 2020        12:00 - 15:30


News and Updates

The Committee is currently involved in the following: the development of Learning and Teaching strategies to reflect the new University Strategy; the development of the Digital Learning Strategy; the implementation of Peer Observation policies; oversight of the Curriculum Management and Business Information Portal projects; implementation of the standardisation of module credit size; review of the assessment of the placement year, the policy for the recording of lectures and the assessment of student group work. 

You can also find the latest news on the quality team's activities by visiting the  quality team news page



The minutes of the most recent meetings can be found below:

Agendas, minutes and papers from previous and for future meetings can be found on the BlackBoard module for this committee.  If you would like access to these papers, please contact Lesley Stewart who will enable the access permissions.


University Learning and Teaching Strategy

University Report on Academic Governance (2016/17)

HEFCE’s Operating Model for Quality Assurance requires the University Council to provide an annual assurance statement about:

  • the continuous improvement of the student academic experience and of student outcomes
  • the reliability of degree standards.

The Report to evidence these statements was approved by Council in December 2017, and summarises all aspects of University quality assurance and enhancement processes, giving details of strengths and weaknesses and how we are dealing with them.  The Report was scrutinised in detail by a sub-group of the Senate on 22nd November 2017. The sub-group, which included representation from the Executive, academics, professional staff and students, was pleased to recommend that the Council sign off the annual assurance.  They based their decision on the comprehensive nature of the report and the work that had been undertaken behind it.  They were pleased to see significant external evidence to back up assertions, as well as data driven evidence of impact, and challenging action plans for the coming year to ensure further continuous improvement.   They saw clear evidence of a focus which puts students clearly at the centre of all that is being done

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