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Operational Learning and Teaching Committee (OLTC)

(Formerly, prior to November 2017, Executive Learning and Teaching Committee)


Purpose of the Committee:

To oversee the operation of the following policies and processes: the introduction of new taught programmes of study and programme modification and withdrawal; the Annual Monitoring and Review of taught programmes; the Periodic Review of taught programmes; the academic regulatory framework for taught students; the guidelines for collaborative activity; to consider minutes, reports and recommendations from a number of the University Learning and Teaching Committee sub-committees and sub-groups; to act as the Learning and Teaching Committee for the Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice. In all these areas to identify developmental issues and recommend potential changes and enhancement to policy to the Learning and Teaching Committee. To review, at least annually, the work of the LTC sub-committees and sub-groups, ensuring that reporting lines  remain appropriate and efficient

Reports To:

Learning and Teaching Committee

Committees and Groups that report to this Committee:

School Learning and Teaching Committees
Collaborative Provision Strategy Group (CPSG)
Employability Strategy Group
Learning and Teaching Information Strategy Committee
Learning Technologies Management Group
Library and IT Services Planning and Engagement Group
Programme Approval Steering Committee (PASC)
Regulation Sub-Committee (RSC)
Timetabling and Learning Spaces Committee
Student Representation Group
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions Forum

Related Committees and Groups

Graduate School Management Committee, which has oversight of the policies and processes listed above as they apply to research degree programmes.

Membership and Terms of Reference:

You can find a full list of members in the Membership List document below:

You can find more detailed information about this committee in the Terms of Reference below:

Chair and Secretary

  Name Email
 Chair  Professor Frank Eperjesi  f.eperjesi@aston.ac.uk
 Secretary  Sarah Davies  s.j.davies@aston.ac.uk



This Committee meets four times in each academic year.

Dates for 2018/19

This Committee is due to meet on the following dates:

 Date Time
 09 October 2018  10:00-12:00
 13 February 2019  10:00-12:00
 03 April 2019  10:00-12:00
 11 June 2019  10:00-12:00

News and Updates

The Committee is currently involved in the following:  the review of the policy for the recording of lectures and of examination invigilation, the review of the module leader role descriptor and the implementation of policies to ensure the University is compliant with consumer law.

You can also find the latest news on the quality team's activities by visiting the quality team news page.

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The committee produces a summary of matters arising and actions instead of formal minutes. Please see below for the latest summaries:

Summary of OLTC 30 April 2018
Summary of OLTC 11 June 2018

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