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Regulation Sub-Committee (RSC)


Purpose of the Committee:

Regulation Sub-Committee (RSC) is a sub-committee of Learning and Teaching Committee. It has a remit that spans the development and security of all academic University Regulations and the maintenance of academic standards.  RSC ensures consistent academic standards across the University through monitoring, review, and enhancement of the University’s regulatory framework, taking into account the implications of external bodies, policy, and changes in University strategy and practice.

Waivers of Regulations

RSC is responsible for considering requests for waivers of regulations.  You can find more information about waiver of regulations here.

If you wish to apply for a waiver of regulations, please visit the Waiver of Regulations Applications page.

Exemptions to Regulations

RSC is also responsible for considering requests to exempt programmes from University regulations. If you wish to apprly for an exemption to regulations, please contact Adam Hewitt.

Reports to:

Operational Learning and Teaching Committee

Committees and Groups that report to this Committee:

RSC operates a number of working groups to review specific regulatory issues, varying on a year-to-year basis.  In 2019/20, the following working groups fall within the remit of RSC:

  • Flexible Programmes Working Group
  • Fit to Sit/ECAP working Group
  • Trailing Assessments into Placement Year working group

You can find the membership for this group below the RSC Membership table

Membership and Terms of Reference:

You can find a full Membership list in the document below, or you can view members by area in the table further down this page.

You can find more details information about this committee in the Terms of Reference below.

RSC Chair and Secretary:

  Name Email
 Chair  Professor Chris Langley  c.a.langley@aston.ac.uk
 Vice-Chair  Dr Gill Knight  g.knight@aston.ac.uk
 Secretary  Adam Hewitt  a.hewitt@aston.ac.uk


RSC Membership by Area Represented:

 Area Represented Member Email
 ABS  Colin Chapman  c.chapman1@aston.ac.uk
 AMS  Helen Cameron  helen.cameron@aston.ac.uk
 CLIPP  Adam Hewitt  a.hewitt@aston.ac.uk
 EAS  Tony Beaumont  a.j.beaumont@aston.ac.uk
 LHS  Chris Langley  c.a.langley@aston.ac.uk
 LSS  Sarah-Jane Page  s.page1@aston.ac.uk
PASC Representative  Olivia Hunt  o.a.hunt@aston.ac.uk
 Student and Academic Services  Alison Levey  a.levey@aston.ac.uk
 Students' Union (Education)  Pawan Kumar Neglur  union.vpe@aston.ac.uk
 Students' Union  Richard Broome  r.broome@aston.ac.uk 
 Students' Union (Welfare)  Eleanor Chambers  union.vpw@aston.ac.uk

Membership of Working Groups by Area Represented:

Flexible Programmes Working Group:

Flexible Programmes Working Group Membership
 Representation Member
 Chair  Professor Chris Langley
 ABS  Karen Caine
 ABS  Simon Finley
 ABS  Lindsey Allsopp
 AMS  Liz Bridges
 EAS  Harry Goldingay
 LHS  Trevor Knight
 LSS  Sue Garton


Fit to Sit/ECAP Working Group: 

Fit to Sit ECAP Working Group Membership
Representation Member
 Chair  Alison Levey
 ABS  Colin Chapman
 ABS  Emma Szurminski
 AMS  Helen Cameron
 EAS  Diane Markley
 LHS  Chris Langley
 LSS  Sarah-Jane Page
 LSS  Hayley Jones
Student's Union  Richard Broome

Trailing Assessment into Placement Year Working Group

Trailing Assessment into Placement Year Working Group Membership
 Representation Member
 Chair  Colin Chapman
 ABS  Frances Rosairo
 ABS  Emma Szurminski
 Careers and Placements  Carolina Salinas
 EAS  Suki Phull
 EAS  David Upton
 LHS  Alice Rothnie
 LHS  Jason Thomas
 LHS  Ian Stanford
 LHS  Gemma Mansell
 LSS  Hayley Jones
 LSS  Nathalie Mrgudovic
 LSS  Ying Miao
 LSS  Chloe Harrison
Students' Union  Ellie Chambers

RSC Meetings

This committee meets a minimum of four times per academic year, with additional meetings scheduled as and when required.

Dates for 2019/20

This committee is scheduled to meet on the following dates:

 Date Time Room
 12 September 2019  10:00 - 12:00  SW407
 28 November 2019  10:00 - 13:00  MB619
 12 March 2020  10:00 - 13:00  SW407
 14 May 2020  10:00 - 14:00  SW407


News and Updates

The dates for the 2019/20 Exam Board Briefings have been confirmed as:

  • 12th May 2020, 11:00 - 12:30 in MB220
  • 22nd May 2020, 12:00 - 13:30 in MB220

Exam Board Briefings for both UG and PG boards are now combined and delivered in a single session, so please feel free to attend any session for which you are available.

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Previous Meeting Minutes:

For past minutes of this meeting please click here.

Useful Documents:

Useful Links:

General Regulations
Waiver Request Form

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