People you can work with

CLIPP have specialist teams that can support your practice, help you gain qualifications and connect you with proactive people across the university.

Dr Julian Lamb

Senior Lecturer in Academic Practice
Ext: 5223

Dr Rowena Senior

Lecturer in Learning Enhancement and Academic Development
Ext: 5223

Chris Wilson

Lecturer in Learning Innovation and Professional Practice
Chair of the Learning Technologies Management Group (LTMG)
Ext: 53427


Jon Taylor

Teaching Fellow
Ext: 3095

Adam Warren


Teaching Fellow
Ext: 3697

Nicola Shephard
Teaching Fellow
Ext: 4276

Ellen Pope

Head of the Learning Development Centre
Ext: 311

Liz Osoba

Teaching Fellow
Ext: 3141

Debbie De

Learning Development Advisor
Ext: 3141

Sue Hesson

Helpdesk Support
Ext: 5464

Rebecca D'Ambrosio

Helpdesk Support
Ext: 5465

Nicola Allet

Teaching Fellow
Ext: 4955

Dr Gareth Woods

Maths Advisor

Katy Barry
Partnerships and Quality Coordinator (School of Languages and Social Sciences)
Ext: 3638
Email:  [email protected]

Belinda Cross
Quality Officer - Programme Approval and Modification
Ext: 5220
Email: [email protected]

Sarah Davies
Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement
Ext: 4657

Email:  [email protected]

Yvonne Henderson
Academic Programmes and Quality Manager (School of Languages and Social Sciences)
Ext: 4288
Email:  [email protected]


Adam Hewitt
Quality Officer (Academic Standards)
Ext: 4672
Email:  [email protected]

Jenny Holt
Quality Officer (Aston Business School)
Ext:  3129
Email:  [email protected]

Steve Jones
Quality Officer (Information and Systems)
Ext: 3757
Email:  [email protected]

Karen Penny
Quality Administrator (Aston Business School)
Extension:  3988
Email: [email protected]

Lesley Price
Institutional Quality Lead for Collaborative Provision
Ext: 4656
Email:  [email protected]

David Santoro
Quality Coordinator (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)
Ext:  4971
Email:  [email protected]

Donna Wheat
Quality Officer (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)
Ext: 5294
Email:  [email protected]

Ania Bailey

Head of CELCA 

Chantal Burden

Deputy Head of CELCA, Pre-sessional Programme Director

Robert Fox

UKYA Programme Director, Deputy Director of International Pre-Masters Programme 

Jacquie Harding

Pre-sessional Deputy Programme Director

Dr Branka Visnjic

IYA Programme Director

Emily Waibel

Teaching Associate (Maternity Leave)

Kate Wakeman

Teaching Associate 

Miss Claire Robinson
IYA, EPS and KYA Admissions

Tai Luong
Senior Learning Technologist
Ext: 4934

Adam Massey
Senior Learning Technologist
Ext: 4237 

Neil Cocklin
Senior Learning Technologist (Aston Medical School)
Ext: 4218

Derek Hartley
Learning Technologist (School of Life and Health Sciences)
Ext: 4176

Lucy Drake
Learning Technologist (School of Languages and Social Sciences)
Ext: 3715

Paul Dyson
Learning Technologist (Aston Business School)
Ext: 4394

Marika Allam
CLIPP Manager
Ext: 4216 

Caroline Smeeton
Programmes Administration Officer (Academic Practice)
Ext: 3933

Ammandeep Kaur
Programme Administrator (CELCA)

Lesley Stewart
Clerical Assistant
Ext: 4675