CLIPP has three dedicated teams across the university to aid the development of learning and teaching at Aston.


‘To enhance students' learning experiences and the working lives of staff through the provision of personal and professional development opportunities, exploitable pedagogic research, and a proactive approach to quality enhancement.


A University characterised for its optimally designed and delivered programmes, personally enriching development opportunities and a culture of continuous and effective partnership-informed quality enhancement.

The Academic Practice team within CLIPP provides support to Aston staff in their professional development through taught programmes, support from experienced teachers and CPD sessions

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The Learning Development Centre (LDC) aims to help all Aston students achieve their full potential and acquire the academic and transferable skills that underpin their chosen course.

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The Quality Team is responsible for coordinating University activity to support the institutional strategy and key performance indicators; supporting and providing expertise to academic and support staff and other stakeholders such as partner institutions and employers, promoting shared values, expectations and commitments toward quality; reviewing activity, collecting information and identifying both good practice and areas in need of improvement, and through this improving the student learning experience.

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