Dr. Rowena Senior

Lecturer in Learning Enhancement and Academic Development


I am a Lecturer in Learning Enhancement and Academic Development in the Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice, Aston University, UK. I am the Course Director for the Doctor of Education (Ed.D) programme and a module leader for the Programme Leadership CPD module and the Research methods in Education module. I am a guest lecturer for the Masters in Education (M.Ed) and Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, and supervisor of M.Ed research projects. I am also the author of the Programme Directors’ Handbook. I held the role of Academic Director and designer of the Research Inspired Teaching Excellence (RITE) programme (2013-2017); Aston University’s HEA accredited professional development recognition scheme.

  • 2013 – ongoing - Lecturer in Learning Enhancement and Academic Development, Aston University
  • 2012 – 2013 - Lecturer in Applied Psychology, University of Worcester
  • 2009 – 2013 - Doctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham 

2013 – PhD in Applied Psychology, University of Birmingham

2008 – BSc in Human Psychology with Professional Experience

Professional Experience placements:

  • 2007 - Research Internship, Harvard University, USA
  • 2007 - Research Internship, National University of Singapore
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) Course Director
  • Programme Leadership in an academic context – Module Leader
  • Research Methods in Education – Module Leader
  • Examination of the factors that drive student engagement in the management of their programmes (investigator)
  • Understanding students’ lived experiences: the Transition from to Teacher in Higher Education (Principal investigator
  • What does the process of gaining fellowship do for researchers? (Principal investigator)
  • The shape of academic leadership (Principal investigator)
  • Senior, R., Bartholomew, P., Soor, A., Shepperd, D., Bartholomew, N., & Senior, C. (2017, under review). 'The rules of Engagement': What motivates students to improve the quality of their learning experience. Frontiers in Educational Psychology.
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Edited Journals

  • What is the role for effective pedagogy in contemporary Higher Education? (eds, Senior C, Fung D, Howard C, Senior R) Frontiers in Educational Psychology (2017). Available online http://journal.frontiersin.org/researchtopic/4621/what-is-the-role-for-effective-pedagogy-in-contemporary-higher-education .

Book chapters

  • Senior, C. & Yeats, R.M. (2009). Developmental stability, fluctuating asymmetry and leadership. In Psychophysiology: Psychological, Psychiatric, Cognitive, Social and Neuroscience Aspects. (Columbus, F ed). Nova Publications.

Commissioned report/handbooks

  • Senior, R.M. (2016). Programme Directors’ Handbook, Aston University
  • Shapiro, J., Eastaugh, J., Gale, N., Gehr-Swain, B., Hall, S., Hewison, A.,

From structure to function; health service redesign: Baseline Report. 

  • Shapiro, J., Gale, N., Gehr-Swain, B., Harwood, A., Hewison, A., Mistry, H.,Sidoli, K. & Yeats, R.M. (2010). Staff engagement programmes at four NHS Trusts: An evaluation project. Final report to NHS West Midlands.

Invited presentations, contributions and keynotes

  • Senior, R.M. Ethnography. University of Gibraltar Research seminar series, April, 2017
  • Senior, R.M. Aston’s Research Inspired Teaching Excellence (RITE) Programme: Where are we going and where have we been? UKPSF Midlands Network Conference, May 2016

Conference presentations and abstracts

  • Senior, C., Soor, A., Shepperd, D., Senior, R., Bartholomew, P., & Bartholomew, N. Factors that drive student engagement in the management of their degree programmes. British Psychological Society Annual Conference, Brighton 2017.
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  • AFSEDA Associate Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association
  • CPsychol. Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Association
  • SFHEA Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy