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The ability to write academically is another crucial skill and it is important to spend time planning and editing your writing in addition to focusing on the subject which you are studying. The ability to analyse and write at length on complex subjects is a skill that we can help you develop over your time at University.

Academic writing is different from the style which you use to communicate with friends and different from that which you read in newspapers.  Academic writing is a type of writing which is quite formal, but this does not mean that you can not develop your own distinct style.

Academic Writing Advice

Academic writing must follow a particular structure depending on what you are writing; it should also contain technical/subject specific vocabulary. This does not mean that academic writing should be complex; rather, it should be concise, precise and contain references to academic sources to support any statements/viewpoints which are expressed. Different types of academic writing tasks require different structures, such as: reports, essays or dissertations.

Writing Tips

  • Plan all academic writing and allow time for editing
  • Be confident with the structure of your piece of work
  • Make a note of references as you are researching
  • Use references to support your view
  • Use concise and clear language

 For firsthand advice on academic writing from staff and students, listen to our podcasts

Academic writing podcasts

Academic writing podcasts

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