Group Work

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During your time at Aston University, you will be expected to participate in a form of group work which is likely to be assessed.

Group work is becoming an increasingly popular method of assessment across university courses because it promotes teamwork, a skill which is highly valued by employers. It is also an  opportunity to develop communication skills and enable participants to develop interpersonal skills,  essential for the majority of professional positions

You may be anxious about working as part of a group, or struggling to cope with working in a group. The podcasts within this section, by Aston students, provide accounts of their experiences, tips on how to deal with difficulties and success stories which you may find useful. Some features of successful group work are:

  1. A positive attitude
  2. Effective and open communication
  3. Establishing ground rules

Group Work Tips

  • Make sure your group understands the task
  • Allow all group members to contribute and to discuss issues
  • Some groups assign roles to different group members
  • Some groups set agendas for group meetings and tasks for individual members
  • Make sure that any assessed work reads as a whole document (i.e. – rather than it being obvious that each section is of a different style and standard) 

If you want to find out more about group work, listen to our specialist podcasts

Listen to our group work podcasts

Listen to our group work podcasts

Get firsthand advice on group work from Aston students and staff

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