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We are here to help you make the most out of your time here at Aston University. The Learning Development Centre provides academic support to students, group workshop rooms, workshop programmes, one-one appointments with LDC Advisors or student writing mentors. We also offer a drop-in Maths Centre for all your Mathematics queries which is available from Monday-Friday.

The Learning Development Centre is always rated highly in the annual Student Satisfaction Survey, particularly for the friendliness and approachability of our staff.

Below are some of the comments by students on how the Learning Development Centre has helped them throughout their time at Aston University.

“I think that it helped me to realise that I CAN do it! I never believed I could until I was helped in the LDC.”

“The Learning Development Centre has made me feel comfortable, as the staff are friendly and approachable, and everyone is treated equally regardless of the position they are in when it come to understanding certain things.”

“Using the LDC more and more with coursework and assignments has improved my grades.”

“...I've seen an immense improvement in results after the use of these services.”

“When I apply the skills that I was taught, learning is so much easier.”

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Book a tutorial

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Listen to our Podcasts

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