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Liaison with University Staff

Academic Staff

We believe that liaison with the Schools at Aston University is important and ensures that our activities are directly relevant to students. To this end, we are happy to:

  • Be involved in any relevant meetings within your programme
  • Meet with individual staff members to discuss ways we can support you in developing the academic skills of your students

What can you do?

To make our support relevant to the student, we would welcome any resources you would be prepared to share:

  • Model reports/essays
  • Examples of essay/exam questions
  • You School/Department guidelines on referencing
  • Assignment marking criteria

We would also welcome your involvement in the delivery of parts of our programmes. Post-doc researchers, for example, could be a valuable resource in providing students with real examples of the challenges of the PhD process. Academic teaching staff prepared to deliver skills-related sessions which are discipline-specific would also be most welcome to use our facilities.

University Services and Departments

We are working closely with other student support services, e.g. LIS, The Disability Team, CELCA and Counselling, and hope that effective cross-referral systems are established, so that students can receive the most appropriate support at all times.

Support for International Students

Support for International Students

How international students can benefit from the Learning Development Centre

Promotion of LDC

Promotion of LDC

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What we do for students

What we do for students

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